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HVAC and MEP Training Institute

Alpine Coach Tree (ACT-MEP) is an HVAC and MEP Training institute helping Non-IT Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering Graduates) to find career paths through building specific Technical job skills to flourish in HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Revit MEP ( BIM) industries.

To create a career and to secure your future, you have to master the essential job skillsets.

But there is a problem.

Courses are too expensive.

You are not confident because you don't have skills.

You are leaving your career up to chance.

Lack of awareness required to build a career

It's confusing about which course to choose.

You don't know On-demand courses.

Our brand-new courses make it simple to master job skills to grow your career with a fraction of small cost and effort by which you can become a MEP Engineer.

Stop losing hope for your career. Build your career and break the frustation. Every student deserves to have a better future. We make you Job-ready by equipping you with specific job skills.

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ACT-MEP Training

Design your career don't let it slip from your hands. Don't be held back in confusion in building your career.

Thrive your career

Invest your time to build job specific skillsets.

Be confident

Become competent at your target skills.

Secure your future

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We know how it feels after finishing 4 years of engineering if it doesn't get you a job. We care about you let's get it fixed.

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Our Job Oriented Training Programs



ETAP Electrical Design


Structural Design

Revit MEP

Revit Structure

Revit Architiecture

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Get our digital resources to reinforce the skills. Take our online tests to practice.

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Polish your communication skills with our free online course and start attending the interview.

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After college many students don't possess specified skills which make them unemployable. ACTMEP equips them with the skills that are needed for a specific job enable them for employment

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