Certified Fire Fighting Design Course in Chennai

Firefighting training courses emphasize the skills and field knowledge needed to progress into a firefighting engineering position. Our modules cover topics such as the basics of firefighting, hydraulics, fire building codes and calculations, sprinkler kinds and design, and other relevant subjects to enhance your skills.

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About Our Certified Firefighting Program

We provide in-depth technical courses focused on the mechanical services sub-discipline related to firefighting training modules. Within 45 days, this training will enable you to become proficient in firefighting design. This course aims to assist students and professionals in enhancing their talents and acquiring the necessary job skills to become a firefighting engineer. This curriculum will enable you to become proficient in firefighting design in a span of 45 days. This course aims to assist students and professionals in enhancing their talents and acquiring the necessary job skills to pursue a career as a firefighting engineer.

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Why Learn FireFighting Course

Completing a fire fighting design course in India can lead to work opportunities in construction, manufacturing, and hospitality industries, including Fire Protection Engineers, Fire Safety Officers, Consultants, and Inspectors. Safety legislation and the need for fire prevention and protection are driving demand for firefighting design professionals in India. Firefighting design degree graduates in India can expect to earn INR 3–6 lakhs per year, depending on job and location. The firefighting design business in India is predicted to increase 12% to 15% annually over the next five years, creating many career opportunities for competent workers. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) found that India needs more fire protection expertise. The research also emphasizes firefighting design skills for industry success.

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This curriculum teaches you how to plan and execute fire prevention and suppression systems. Fire Fighting design engineers develop sprinklers, fire alarms, and fire safety standards. They prevent fires from destroying lives and property.

Course Overview

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Work On a Complete Fire Fighting layout drawing


Firefighting design encompasses the strategic development, layout, and execution of fire protection systems within buildings and structures to avoid and reduce the consequences of fires.

Individuals who complete fire fighting design courses can work as fire protection engineers, fire safety officers, consultants, inspectors, and more, in sectors like construction, manufacturing, and hospitality.

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A certificate of completion will be awarded to you upon successful completion of the course.

Yes, ACTMEP’s learners will be provided with guaranteed job placements and paid project internships.

Enrolling in a fire fighting design course will greatly improve your chances of getting a job in the sector by equipping you with the essential skills and information needed for a career in fire protection engineering.

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ACTMEP records every lesson, and you have access to all of the recordings for a year. Thus, you hardly ever have the possibility of missing anything.