Certified Expert HVAC Design & Drafting Course in Chennai

(Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems)

Benefits Obtained :

Learn in English, हिंदी, ಕನ್ನಡ, తెలుగు, தமிழ்


Live Online Classes + Offline Classes


Industry Recognized Certificate


2 Months with Paid Internship


14+ Modules


100% Job Placement Support

Course Access

1 yr access to recorded videos


100% Job Placement Support

Alpine Coach Tree's skilled training can launch your
HVAC career!

Are you a recent graduate or a career changer? High demand and rapid expansion make HVAC opportunities intriguing. Alpine Coach Tree facilitates the entry of recent graduates into a rapidly expanding industry that is essential in schools, businesses, and other establishments through HVAC Training in Chennai. ACTMEP’s Chennai HVAC programs furnish graduates with the knowledge and abilities necessary to maintain the systems in pristine condition.

HVAC Course ​Highlights

Why Pursue HVAC Course ?

Both in India and the Gulf, the HVAC industry is thriving, with employment increasing by 40% over the last five years and projected to increase by 34% by 2025. Are you prepared to enter this swiftly expanding industry and safeguard your future through stable employment and promising professional opportunities?

That’s just the start! Your qualification opens doors to additional specialized employment with distinct challenges and growth opportunities.

Take advantage of this booming sector! Invest in HVAC training for a fulfilling career.

Here are some lucrative jobs after training:

HVAC Engineer

Design, manage, and optimize HVAC systems for all sizes of buildings.

HVAC Project Engineer

Manage HVAC installations and implementation to ensure efficiency and quality.

HVAC Site Engineer

Install and troubleshoot HVAC systems on building sites to ensure smooth operation.

Get ACTMEP comprehensive HVAC courses for your future:

Learn essentials

Learn HVAC system design, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Career opportunities abound

Choose Design, Project, Sales, or Service as an HVAC Engineer and confidently achieve your dream job

Industry-ready training

Real-world events and our practical approach prepare you for rapid job success.

Advance your career

Even seasoned professionals can benefit from ACT's advanced training. Improve your abilities, become a leader, and earn more.

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HVAC Course Eligibility


B.Tech/BE/Diploma Mech / MTech-Mech


Candidates with relevant experience in HVAC and MEP have the opportunity to develop their skill set and progress towards more favorable career prospects.


Basic computer skills required

Learn From Industry Experts

Receive specialized mentoring and guidance from a number of industry leaders who are also working for top companies, including

Journey of Student at ACTMEP

At ACTMEP, we give value, learn, and have fun at the same time! Here is what we have in store for our students in the 2-month HVAC course.

Step 1
Group 114
Step 2

Theoretical Instruction

Group 113
Step 3

Practical Learning

Group 113
Step 4

Doubt-clearing sessions

Group 115
Step 5


Group 116
Step 6


Group 117
Step 7


Group 118
Step 8


Group 119
Step 9


Group 120
Step 10


Group 121

Software's you will Learn

HVAC Course Syllabus

The certified HVAC course has been meticulously designed to supplement the understanding acquired in mechanical engineering. Experts in the field carefully crafted and mapped the curriculum to meet the demands of the HVAC industry.

HVAC Course Overview

HVAC Projects That You’ll Work On Live


In this project, you will design HVAC systems with head load calculations.


It is a commercial building project with 500,000 sq ft. You should design and draft 189 FCU, 169 FCU ducts, 20 AHU units, car parking ventilation, and 40 exhaust fans.

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HVAC Placement Support

Achieve your ideal career with ACTMEP. Obtain step-by-step expert guidance and secure the position you’ve always desired. Our comprehensive support system comprises career counseling, skill enhancement, and placement assistance that is assured. Immediately enroll and seize control of your future!

How do we provide 100 percent job placement assistance?


HVAC engineering is the study of how to plan, build, and take care of systems that keep buildings’ temperature, humidity, and air quality in check. These systems make indoor air comfortable and healthy for places like homes, businesses, factories, and more.

HVAC is an important domain of mechanical engineering. It focuses on how to build and run systems that manage temperature, humidity, and air quality inside. HVAC engineers use basic mechanical ideas like thermodynamics and fluid mechanics to make homes, businesses, and other industrial spaces healthy and comfortable.

HVAC engineer pay in India depends on where you work, how much experience you have, what business you work in, and the company you work for. Engineers who are just starting out usually make between ₹300,000 and ₹500,000 a year, but engineers with more experience can make ₹1,000,000 or more. To find out exact salary ranges, look at job boards, Glassdoor, and Payscale.

You can enroll in an HVAC online or offline course. ACTMEP offers a certified HVAC course that will comprehensively cover design and drafting and will help you accelerate your career in the HVAC industry. To land your ideal position as an HVAC engineer, you will receive guidance from industry professionals and guaranteed placement support.

 ACTMEP learners are assured of comprehensive career guidance and 100% placement assistance throughout their training to become certified HVAC professionals

Yes, you will receive a globally recognized skill certificate from ACTMEP.

Yes, this HVAC course offers both live online classes and offline classroom courses.