1. An ideal transformer is one which

2. Transformer cores are built up from laminations rather than from solid metal so that

3. Steel for the construction of transformer core should have

4. Oil natural cooling with tubes is used for transformers of capacity up to

5. Which of the following transformers will be largest is size?

6. Buchholz relay is usually not provided on transformers of rating below

7. The secondary of a CT is generally designed for

8. Power factor of a power system can be improved by

9. A short transmission line has equivalent circuit consisting of

10. Bulk oil circuit breaker is suitable for voltages upto

11. For remote operation, circuit breaker must be equipped with

12. In oil and air blast circuit breakers, the current zero interruption is attained by

13. Which of following are used to reduce short circuit fault currents

14. Diversity factor of a power system is the

15. For high voltage applications, the insulators used are of

16. In a power transmission line, grounding is generally done at

17. EHV cables are filled with thin oil under pressure to

18. Reactive power can be injected into a trans-mission line by using

19. DOL starting of induction motor is usually restricted to

20. The speed characteristic of an induction motor closely resemble the speed load characteristic of which of the following machines

21. Which of the following electrical equipment cannot convert ac into dc ?

22. A current transformer

23. A 100 W bulb is connected in series with a room heater. If now 100 W bulb is replaced by a 40W bulb, the heater output will

24. Transient current in electrical circuits are associated with

25. The positive sequency component of voltage at the point of fault is zero when it is a